Torre Astura

You get there by following the main road called Acciarellla, that usually takes you from Nettuno to Latina. Past the great forest of Foglino you carry on for another five kilometers, at the first intersection you turn right to Foceverde and proceedfor another three kilometers until you get to a big parking lot. From there you  just have to walk to get to Torre Astura. Torre astura is now included in the UTTAT (Technical Territorial Land Armaments office) of the Ministry of Defense, formerly known as the Military Range of Neptune. It expands for almost 8 kilometers along the Tyrrhenian coast within the municipal area.


Neptune is an old town of 48,673 inhabitants, a city of the italian capital, Rome. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, like the ancient city of Antium, it was known in the roman times as a place of resort and hot springs. Later on, during the Renaissance until the Unification of Italy, the city was home of many important dynasties, while during Fascism it was united into one city  (Nettunia) with its neighbour Anzio.


Anzio is an  Italian town of 53,949 inhabitants, a city of the italian capital, Rome. It is the indirect heir of the ancient city of Antium ( currently known as Anzio and Nettuno ), which, for a long time, was the main town of the Volsci population, until it became roman.

Landriana’s Gardens

The Landriana's Gardens stretch over 10 hectares  within a large estate on the Lazio coast, in Tor San Lorenzo, Ardea, 35 km south of Rome. The garden is  divided into "beds" each one of them  has a specific botanic characteristic that makes it unique, like the valley of roses with  lake, the garden of orange trees, the white avenue, the garden of olives, the blue lawn, the spanish tub and many more to discover on your  tour  of the garden.

Manzù Museum

The Manzù Collection is considered one of the most distant museum connected to the National Gallery of Modern Art, located at 32 km of  Via Laurentina, at the bottom of the "rocca turfacea" on which stands the old roman city of Ardea, in an area almost bordering the provinces of Rome and Latina .

Airport of Pratica di Mare

The military airport of Mario de Benardi, also known as the Airport of Pratica di Mare is located 30 km south of Rome in a area near the town of Pomezia. The airport is operated by the Air Force and  it is not open to commercial traffic, on the inside there are multiple organizations of various Italian armed forces. With its size of 830 hectares it is one of the largest military airports in Europe.

Museo Archeologico Lavinium

Il museo archeologico Lavinium, inaugurato nel 2005, è situato nel luogo dell’antica città, vicino al suggestivo Borgo di Pratica di Mare erede di Lavinium nel Medio Evo, una frazione di Pomezia a sud di Roma lungo il litorale. Questo affascinante museo interattivo è caratterizzato dalla sua modernità e dalla sua linea di pensiero incentrata sul principale slogan: “Esporre per comunicare”.

Rainbow Magicland

Rainbow MagicLand is one of the newest great theme parks in Italy, that all the family can enjoy, covering a total area of 600,000 square meters, it is like a fairy tale in the town of Valmontone, a few kilometers from Rome. For its amazing features, this charming place competes with the most important  italian and european theme parks, infact around the large central lake, one of it's  most important  features, you will find 36 attractions, shops, dining and entertainment areas.

Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World is the largest theme park in Italy dedicated to the cinema world. Located in the district of Castel Romano, where Dino De Laurentiis built his first studio in the 60s , Cinecittà World is developed on a total area of 140 hectares and it includes the Theme Park " Cinecittà World" and " The Village ", that can offer different retail shops, restaurants, cinemas and a large area of natural environment importance known as " Cinecittà Nature ".


Zoo Marine, the largest marine theme park  in Italy, is the ideal place to spend a day with the family, where you can have an exiciting encounter with  dolphins, seals , birds and parrots . In Torvaianica on the Lazio coast about 25 kilometers from Rome it has been designed following the model of the amusement park in Portugal.